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Image of Caprella mutica


Taxonomic Group Taxon
Crustaceans Americamysis almyra
Crustaceans Amphibalanus amphitrite
Crustaceans Amphilochus/Apolochus sp.
Crustaceans Apocorophium acutum
Crustaceans Apocyclops dengizicus
Crustaceans Argulus japonicus
Crustaceans Caprella mutica
Crustaceans Chelura terebrans
Crustaceans Daphnia lumholtzi
Crustaceans Halophiloscia couchii
Crustaceans Homarus americanus
Crustaceans Hourstonius sp.
Crustaceans Ilyocryptus agilis
Crustaceans Lernaea cyprinacea
Crustaceans Ligia exotica
Crustaceans Limnoria tripunctata
Crustaceans Loxothylacus panopaei
Crustaceans Microdeutopus gryllotalpa
Crustaceans Monocorophium acherusicum
Crustaceans Monocorophium insidiosum
Crustaceans Mytilicola sp.
Crustaceans Sphaeroma terebrans
Crustaceans Stenothoe gallensis species complex
Crustaceans Synidotea laticauda