Invasion History

First Non-native North American Tidal Record:
First Non-native West Coast Tidal Record:
First Non-native East/Gulf Coast Tidal Record:

General Invasion History:


North American Invasion History:




Taxonomic Tree

Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum:   Mollusca
Class:   Bivalvia
Subclass:   Pteriomorphia
Order:   Ostreoida
Family:   Anomiidae
Genus:   Anomia
Species:   peruviana


Anomia adamas (Gray, 1850)
Anomia alectus (Gray, 1850)
Anomia fidenas (Gray, 1850)
Anomia hamillus (Gray, 1850)
Anomia lampe (Gray, 1850)
Anomia laqueata (Reeve, 1859)
Anomia larbas (Gray, 1850)
Anomia limatula (Dall, 1878)
Anomia pacilus (Gray, 1850)
Anomia subcostata (Conrad, 1855)
Anomia tenuis (C. B. Adams, 1852)
Anomia tenuis (C. B. Adams, 1852)
Calyptraea aberrans (C. B. Adams, 1852)
Placunomia claviculata (Carpenter, 1857)

Potentially Misidentified Species

Anomia simplex
An Atlantic species, formerly considered conspecific with A. peruviana, e.g. Anomia simplex Mabille, 1895



Attached to rocks, other shells, waterlogged wood (Abbott 1974). The related A. simplex has planktotrophic larvae (Chaley and Andrews 1971)



Trophic Status:

Suspension Feeder



General HabitatRockyNone
General HabitatOyster ReefNone
General HabitatMarinas & DocksNone
Salinity RangePolyhaline18-30 PSU
Salinity RangeEuhaline30-40 PSU
Tidal RangeSubtidalNone
Vertical HabitatEpibenthicNone

Tolerances and Life History Parameters

Maximum Length (mm)50.1Abbott 1974
Broad Temperature RangeNoneWarm Temperate-Tropical
Broad Salinity RangeNonePolyhaline-Euhaline

General Impacts

Regional Distribution Map

Bioregion Region Name Year Invasion Status Population Status
NEP-VII None 0 Native Estab
CAR-III None 2009 Def Estab
SEP-H None 0 Native Estab
NEP-VI Pt. Conception to Southern Baja California 0 Native Estab
NEP-V Northern California to Mid Channel Islands 0 Native Unk
SEP-I None 0 Native Estab
NEP-IX None 0 Native Estab
NEP-VIII None 0 Native Estab
PAN_PAC Panama Pacific Coast 0 Native Estab
PAN_CAR Panama Caribbean Coast 2009 Def Estab

Occurrence Map

OCC_ID Author Year Date Locality Status Latitude Longitude


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