Invasion History

First Non-native North American Tidal Record: 1991
First Non-native West Coast Tidal Record:
First Non-native East/Gulf Coast Tidal Record: 1991

General Invasion History:

North American Invasion History:



Taxonomic Tree

Kingdom:   Plantae
Phylum:   Rhodophycota
Class:   Rhodophyceae
Subclass:   Florideophycideae
Order:   Gigartinales
Family:   Areschougiaceae
Genus:   Kappaphycus
Species:   alvarezii


Eucheuma alvarezii (Doty, 1985)

Potentially Misidentified Species

Kappaphycus cottoni

Kappaphycus striatus



In Hawaii, populations of Kappaphycus alvarezi reproduce only vegetatively (Smith 2002), but sexual reproduction has occurred under laboratorry conditions (Bulboa et al. 2008, cited b Chandrasekaran 2008)


Humans (cultured for carrageenan)

Trophic Status:

Primary Producer



General HabitatOyster ReefNone
General HabitatCoral reefNone
General HabitatMangrovesNone
Salinity RangePolyhaline18-30 PSU
Salinity RangeEuhaline30-40 PSU
Tidal RangeSubtidalNone
Vertical HabitatEpibenthicNone

Life History

Tolerances and Life History Parameters

Maximum Temperature (ºC)31Water of this temperature caused ~70% mortality of cultured Kappaphycus in Fiji (Ask 2001).
Broad Temperature RangeNoneSubtropical-Tropical
Broad Salinity RangeNonePolyhaline-Euhaline

General Impacts

Regional Impacts

CIO-IINoneEcological ImpactCompetition
Overgrowing coral reefs, smothering corals (Acropora sp.), and depriving them of light (Chandrasekaran et al. 2008,)
CIO-IINoneEcological ImpactHabitat Change
Overgowing and killing corals (Chandrasekaran et al. 2008)
SP-XXINoneEcological ImpactCompetition
In Kane'ohe Bay, 'In some areas this organism is clearly competitively dominant, occupying up to 80% of the substrate. Because of its large stature, Kappaphycus also appears to be competing with coral and may be able to overgrow live coral colonies.' (Smith et al. 2002).
SP-XXINoneEcological ImpactFood/Prey
Kappaphycus spp. is a less preferred item for herbivorus fishes in Kane'ohe Bay, which may contribute to its competitiveness. However, it is preferentially grazed by native sea urchins, providing a possible means of biocontrol (Conklin and Smith 2005).
SP-VIINoneEconomic ImpactFisheries
Seaweed farming of Kappaphycus alvarezi was started in 1966 or 1975, and continued on a small scale, but collapsed in 1993 because of excessive costs and low porduction. The program was redsigned and restarted in 1997 (Ask et al. 2003; Pickering et al. 2007)
CAR-IIINoneEcological ImpactHabitat Change
Smothering seagrasses, corals, and mangroves in Bocas del Toro, Panama (Sellers et al. 2015)

Regional Distribution Map

Bioregion Region Name Year Invasion Status Population Status
EAS-I None 0 Native Estab
EAS-III None 0 Native Estab
EAS-II None 0 Native Estab
SP-XXI None 1974 Def Estab
CIO-II None 2000 Def Estab
SP-VII None 1986 Def Estab
SP-V None 1990 Def Estab
SP-VIII None 1990 Def Estab
SP-XI None 1990 Def Unk
SP-XVI None 1977 Def Estab
EA-III None 0 Def Unk
CAR-III None 2013 Def Estab
SA-II None 1995 Def Unk
SP-XIII None 1985 Def Unk
CAR-I Northern Yucatan, Gulf of Mexico, Florida Straits, to Middle Eastern Florida 1991 Def Unk
PAN_CAR Panama Caribbean Coast 2013 Def Estab

Occurrence Map

OCC_ID Author Year Date Locality Status Latitude Longitude


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