Invasion History

First Non-native North American Tidal Record: 2004
First Non-native West Coast Tidal Record: 2004
First Non-native East/Gulf Coast Tidal Record:

General Invasion History:


North American Invasion History:


Amaeana sp. A is an unidentified polychaete of the family Terebellidae. Terebellids live in tubes, buried in the sediment, and protecting their fragile bodies, and feed by extending long, prehensile tentacles over the surface of the sediments.


Taxonomic Tree

Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum:   Annelida
Class:   Polychaeta
Subclass:   Palpata
Order:   Canalipalpata
Suborder:   Terebellida
Family:   Terebellidae
Genus:   Amaeana
Species:   sp. A


Potentially Misidentified Species



Detritus, benthic microalgae

Trophic Status:

Deposit Feeder



General HabitatUnstructured BottomNone
General HabitatMarinas & DocksNone
Salinity RangeEuhaline30-40 PSU
Salinity RangePolyhaline18-30 PSU
Salinity RangeMesohaline5-18 PSU
Salinity RangeOligohaline0.5-5 PSU
Tidal RangeSubtidalNone
Vertical HabitatEndobenthicNone
Vertical HabitatEpibenthicNone

Tolerances and Life History Parameters

Broad Temperature RangeNoneWarm temperate
Broad Salinity RangeNoneMesohaline-Euhaline

General Impacts

Regional Distribution Map

Bioregion Region Name Year Invasion Status Population Status
P090 San Francisco Bay 2004 Def Estab
NEP-V Northern California to Mid Channel Islands 2004 Def Estab

Occurrence Map

OCC_ID Author Year Date Locality Status Latitude Longitude


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